I am a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing Service Provider

I have been providing digital marketing services to over 1000 clients online & offline for the last 6 years to improve their business. I always try my best to achieve client business goals and ensure satisfaction. I am providing any types of digital marketing services based on client business. Please visit my service page to see my services list.

Digital Marketing Trainer

I have been providing various government, corporate and institutional training services on digital marketing from 4 years. I have already made many students proficient in training on digital marketing. Which has helped their carrier succeed. Recently I take training sessions in online & offline. So, now you can take any digital marketing course from my course list. 

Digital Marketing Consultant

I send the right guidelines and strategy for the digital marketing sector of any type of company, business, organization, and government. Also, I make their plan sheet to Improve and manage company branding, client engagement and communications with social media, email, mobile or local marketing campaigns. Coordinate content platforms like blogs.


I provide quality services and courses


My digital marketing services help you to grow your business successfully. I am providing a good marketing strategy to increase conversions, traffic to your website. Please check my services list to hire me.


I am taking various types of training in digital marketing,  which increases the efficiency of new freelancers, businessmen, and professionals. You can book training to browse from my courses list.


We have partnered with Jayanto for several years now and we must say, they constantly continue to impress us with his professionalism, relationship management and majorly, his creativity. He has attended to our branding and social media needs. Once the project was handed over to him, we have been stress-free as they have taken care of everything without a need for supervision.

Alan Wurman Rodrich

CEO, Alan's Theory

I work with him Last 6 months to grow my business. He achieved my goal easily by using his marketing tactics. Especially I am impressed when I asked him about spamming, then he told me, if I want to do the spamming for my business then he doesn’t work to work with me. Also, he explains everything Spamming VS Real. So, I like him most to work with me. Highly recommended. 

Charles Ayden

CEO, App Apex

This is a real Freelancer and good Learning Partner. I wish and Pray He always Happy and Success. Thanks to Allah For work with him.

Sanjida Rahman Tora

Digital Marketer, Fiverr

One of the best trainer I have ever met and also a nice guy. He always help everyone including me. I feel proud to become a student of him and also a brother like him along my side.

Shahria Aman Sani

Digital Marketer, Upwork

We are really lucky to get him. He always helped us to learn more about digital marketing.  Thanks a lot, sir for your support. We always follow you and you please always stay with us.

Ahamed OVi

Digital Marketer, Fiverr



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